Jul 20 Care Mission

3 Ways to Slow Down & Be Mindful

Be present in the moment and be mindful of those around you.
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Finished this mission?

52 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

Your Care Mission:

Sometimes the rhythm of life is hurried. We rush to work. Run errands. Scramble to meet deadlines. Hustle to get there. We’ve all been guilty of speeding from one thing to the next.

Your whirlwind of haste affects those around you – fellow commuters, co-workers, family, even strangers you bypass on the sidewalk. Some of them may be seniors. While many may suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, seniors are at a higher risk.

Aching hands that once raised children now fumble to write a check at the teller’s window.

Stiff toes that once danced across a stage now struggle to get through the crosswalk.

Eyes that identified cell structures now strain read a menu.

The mind that invented a patent now trips to remember a name.

What would happen if you slowed down? Would you notice the people around you? Would you see those who struggle?

This week try to slow down and be mindful of others. Here are 3 ways to pump the breaks:

  1. Slow your mind. Try writing. Putting your thoughts into words is a deliberate, timely process. Music is another great way to slow the mind. Pieces like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata can help you appreciate the beauty of a gradual tempo.
  2. Slow your body. When you drive, follow at a safe distance. When you walk, think about posture instead of speed. When you speak, let your words be intentional. Take a moment to appreciate people, even the ones holding up the line. You can wait.
  3. Slow your spirit. Find calm in the hectic. There is no better way to do this than to pray. Whether for yourself or for someone else, a moment in prayer fills the spirit with peace.

How did slowing down make you feel?

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Community Comments

  1. Stacey
    1 Mission Completed
  2. Praying for people every day as I walk down street

    Geneva Brooks
    2 Missions Completed
  3. Praying for people while I am cleaning the house

    Janet jjones
    0 Missions Completed
  4. Starting to journal more and really helps to write down a thoughts more and mindfulness!!!!

    2 Missions Completed
  5. Already do all of this

    2 Missions Completed
  6. I take time throughout the day to stop and think about the sounds I’m hearing, what I am seeing and where I am

    5 Missions Completed
  7. I take time throughout the day to stop and think.

    5 Missions Completed
  8. Love this. Thanks for the reminder!

    0 Missions Completed
  9. A great reminder to share with others!

    0 Missions Completed
  10. When I find myself overwhelmed with not getting things done.

    I SToP. Bring myself back into the present moment. Take a few deep breaths and try to prioritize my todo list and just focus on one thing

    2 Missions Completed
  11. There is only one thing you need and whosoever idea this JESUS JESUS JESUS !

    1 Mission Completed
  12. I follow a daily Bible reading plan from Good News Publishers and I try to begin each day that way. I know putting God first every day is best. A daily devotional arrives to my phone from a King James Bible Online source and it has really good thoughts and a prayer to go with them. I find my days, although sometimes really difficult, still seem to go better beginning them with God than days I just rushed in to.

    5 Missions Completed
  13. God gives you only as much as you can handle …. anything more he takes on … so in a time of crisis put it it in his hands… may God wrap his arms around you & keep you strongminded & strongwilled

    2 Missions Completed
  14. I took Navy Bean soup to a friend who I used to be his caregiver! He is struggling with newly diagnosed prostate cancer.

    6 Missions Completed
  15. Adele
    4 Missions Completed
  16. Completed this mission!

    4 Missions Completed
  17. Due to Covid 19, our 21 Seniors Families that live in my Senior Village have been inside much. I visited each yesterday and deliver a box full of goodies(all yellow) called a Sunshine Box, witnessing 21 SMILES

    4 Missions Completed
  18. Beautiful ideas. Thank you!

    3 Missions Completed
  19. Great food for thought. I usually take the time to read a daily devotional and say prayer first thing in the morning. Also since having foot ankle issues it has made me more compassionate towards other seniors, and others who walk slower due to injuries or disabilities. GOD Bless and smile down upon everyone today 🌷🌷 🌷

    2 Missions Completed
  20. I slowed down my pace today by being purposeful to do so, & remaining mindful to slower my pace. I plan on doing this throughout my day and continue doing so throughout this month & beyond!

    I want to thank you for these Monday morning tips, as they are always a much needed word in due season for me. This time it’s because I am going back to work with my senior friend who previously lived next door to me, and was my favorite neighbor ever! So I go back and start helping her again this week for a few hours a day, and for a couple of days each week!

    This slowing down exercise will help me to get back into a slower pace so that we can get on the same wavelength and I will be adjusted to her level when I go back to help her this week, and that way it will be more comfortable for both of us when things resume again between us.

    I have always kept in touch with her since I stopped working with her, and her 85th birthday was just a few days ago. So when I called to wish her a happy 85th birthday she had said she wanted me to come back and help her starting this week, and I of course agreed to help her. I think she needs me right now for pure companionship and to possibly do some chores around the house while I spend some quality time with her, and just let her know how much I care about her and her wellbeing too while I’m with her!

    So today I took the time to talk with God and to say a prayer 🙏 that is intended to help my senior friend. I prayed that God would straighten things out between her other caregiver that lives with her, and that my senior friend would hear me, and heed what I tell her in regards to how she needs to not question the things that bother her caregiver so that their relationship can continue in a healthy way, and that way her other caregiver will remain living at her house, in the same way as it’s always been. And that my senior friend will understand everything we discuss together, and that what I’m saying is for her own best interest and also for her other caregiver too, so that they can maintain a healthy and caring relationship together. & Please God help my senior friend to be able to keep what I say to her fresh in her mind daily, so that her caregiver doesn’t move out and leave her alone at nights… because I can’t move in with her and this is what makes her feel safe, is having someone stay with her at night. Thank you God for always hearing my prayers and for answering them all perfectly, & with a quickness! I love you so much God for everything you are in my life and beyond! I seal up this prayer to you now! Amen 🙏 ❤️😇

    42 Missions Completed
  21. Praying for people and thinking about them especially those who are going through tough times and challenges (In this pandemic, personal issues, etc.) on a daily basis. God will see them through.

    5 Missions Completed
  22. Reading the word of God and examining my life through the word, only to recognize how feeble I am, enables me to slow and consider all mankind need God and also need each other

    Carla Woodley
    1 Mission Completed
  23. Praying as l go along my way daily .

    2 Missions Completed
  24. I always try to see other seniors as my Mom or Dad, and ask myself “how would I want them to be treated in this situation?” Then I proceed accordingly!

    8 Missions Completed
  25. Morning journaling to put thoughts to paper and then prayer to fill my mind

    2 Missions Completed
  26. Since this covid-19 coronavirus at the Complete Senior Care Pace Hanci More people have died than usual 7 just in 41/2 months March till now it breaks my heart 💔 because I’ve gotten to know them over time their like family to me seeing them everyday you get to know them but since the quarantine we haven’t seen each other so it’s harder to hear about people passing away

    1 Mission Completed
  27. Brenda
    1 Mission Completed
  28. Thank you for this good message

    Gentille rugama
    0 Missions Completed
  29. I am kind and good person infact am
    A peacemaker😜❤️❤️❤️

    1 Mission Completed
  30. To whom may concern,
    I had receibe several messages,
    But they don xplain about a job,
    I which can get better infomation.
    Thank you F.M

    3 Missions Completed
  31. Thank you for reminding me to “stop and smell the roses”

    2 Missions Completed
  32. Spending a morning alone, on the beach, recentering and praying.

    2 Missions Completed

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