Feb 25 Care Mission

10 Ways to Help End Senior Isolation

These top tips may help senior friends, family members, or neighbors facing isolation or loneliness.

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Finished this mission?

27 seniors have been helped with this mission. Add your effort to the count.

I’m Ready to Log It!

The Facts: You may be in the prime of raising a family, and feel like you never have a moment to yourself. Or maybe you have a job that is extremely people-oriented, and you savor your quiet time at the end of the day. For many older adults, though, social networks can become splintered. As friends move to their dream retirement community, children leave the nest, or loved ones pass away, social connections can change dramatically and quickly for some seniors. It can be difficult to navigate new circumstances, and loneliness or isolation may set in.

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Connect with the Seniors in Your Life

  1. Say “Hi” to a Senior. Small actions can make a big difference. Go out of your way to say “Hi” to a senior this week.

  2. Snack with a Senior. Share a healthy snack and some companionship with a senior.

  3. Phone a Friend. Completing this act of kindness is an easy call to make.

  4. Dance with a Senior. Kick up your heels and share some moves across the generations.

  5. Send a Postcard. Drop a postcard in the mail to a senior loved one to show you care.

  6. Get Career Advice. Connect with a senior and ask them to share their experience and advice about the working world.

  7. Write a Letter. Sending an old-fashioned letter can help lift spirits and let someone know you’re thinking about them.

  8. Give a Compliment. Giving a good compliment is an art. Learn the secrets to crafting a heartfelt one.

  9. Bake with a Senior. Use your kitchen and baking skills to brighten someone’s day.

  10. Keep Calm and Care On! Inspire others to help you make a difference.

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Community Comments

  1. I started SmilesOn Seniors non-profit in my community. We have Lunch Bunch, Senior Book Club and Senior Night Out Dinner. Every month, same time and same place. Great fun , Fellowship and food. ?

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  2. I shared this article on my FB page and Smiles On Seniors FB page

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  3. Excelent how me help

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  4. Active. Listening, Your. Never, To. Old. To. Learn! Seniors. Have. Lots. Of. Memories. And. History. To. Share, Talke. A. Moements. Of. Your. Day, and. Share. With. A. Senior, You. Justin. Might. Become. Wiser!

    Luella. Harrow
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  5. Played cards and socialized with 11 senior citizens in my neighborhood. Spoke with 2 elderly people at the dr office wIting room and 2 at vets office while waiting for appointments, called my 87 year old mother every day and sent her a “care package”.

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