3 Ways to Slow Down & Be Mindful

Be present in the moment and be mindful of those around you.
Elderly man smiling while sitting at kitchen table

Your Care Mission:

Sometimes the rhythm of life is hurried. We rush to work. Run errands. Scramble to meet deadlines. Hustle to get there. We’ve all been guilty of speeding from one thing to the next.

Your whirlwind of haste affects those around you – fellow commuters, co-workers, family, even strangers you bypass on the sidewalk. Some of them may be seniors. While many may suffer from chronic conditions such as arthritis, seniors are at a higher risk.

Aching hands that once raised children now fumble to write a check at the teller’s window.

Stiff toes that once danced across a stage now struggle to get through the crosswalk.

Eyes that identified cell structures now strain read a menu.

The mind that invented a patent now trips to remember a name.

What would happen if you slowed down? Would you notice the people around you? Would you see those who struggle?

This week try to slow down and be mindful of others. Here are 3 ways to pump the breaks:

  1. Slow your mind. Try writing. Putting your thoughts into words is a deliberate, timely process. Music is another great way to slow the mind. Pieces like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata can help you appreciate the beauty of a gradual tempo.
  2. Slow your body. When you drive, follow at a safe distance. When you walk, think about posture instead of speed. When you speak, let your words be intentional. Take a moment to appreciate people, even the ones holding up the line. You can wait.
  3. Slow your spirit. Find calm in the hectic. There is no better way to do this than to pray. Whether for yourself or for someone else, a moment in prayer fills the spirit with peace.

How did slowing down make you feel?