3 Ways to Help Reduce Senior Loneliness

Learn how to spot senior loneliness and take action to help a senior who may be facing the holidays alone.
Elderly woman watching TV by herself in dark room

The Facts

An older neighbor recently lost her husband and is facing the holidays without him for the very first time. You notice she didn’t put up a tree or decorate this year. And while her daughter visits her a few times a week, you rarely see your neighbor leaving the house. This is what senior loneliness may look like, but you can help make a difference.

According to a NIH study, 42% of elderly participants report feeling lonely. People may be at increased risk of loneliness if they live alone, have recently lost their spouse, don’t have access to transportation, or have limited mobility that prevents them from leaving their home.

How you can help:

Loneliness is a serious issue, but it can be prevented. If you know someone who may be alone, here are 3 ways you can help:

  1. Stop over for a visit and to check in.

  2. Offer to take them to the store or to run errands.

  3. Include them in your family’s holiday activities or gatherings.