Take a Senior Shopping

Take a senior on a shopping trip for groceries, gifts, or clothing.
Man opens car door for elderly woman

As seniors age, they are less likely to have access to transportation. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, compared with drivers ages 20–69, fewer people 70 and older are licensed to drive and they drive fewer miles.

The inability to drive can limit access to necessities and can also be socially isolating. For this Care Mission, we’re asking you to take a senior shopping to help alleviate both of those issues.

3 Tips for a Successful Shopping Trip

  1. Make a specific invite. Instead of saying, “I can give you a ride sometime if you need one,” rephrase your offer. Consider something more specific, like, “I plan on going to the shopping plaza next Wednesday. Would you like to come with me?”
  2. Choose the time of day carefully. If your senior loved one has mobility issues or is overwhelmed by crowds, find a time that may be less busy to visit a store. Some older adults may feel more alert during certain times of the day, so planning around that may be helpful.
  3. Set an itinerary. Focus on what the senior needs to buy during the trip and help ensure they accomplish their goals. For many, the socialization may be just as important as shopping, so adding lunch or breakfast to your trip could be especially beneficial.