Share a Healthy Habit

A healthy routine for a senior is more beneficial than you think.
senior health habit

Take a moment to think through your daily routine. What stands out to you? Are there activities or habits you could share with an older adult that could enhance their day?

Something as minor as a 10-minute walk around the office or a 3 p.m. break to eat a piece of fruit can be great healthy habits to share. Here are a few of ours:

  1. Crossword time -- A daily dose of cognitive exercise is a great way to keep the mind strong.
  2. Stretch intervals -- Many smart watches set reminders to do it: get up and take a stretch at various points throughout the day.
  3. Drink water regularly -- Sufficient water intake not only quenches thirst and dehydration, but also has many other lasting health benefits.

Did You Know…?

Healthy habits -- whether physical, mental or nutritional – are undoubtedly great for a senior’s well-being. But did you know that daily routines can be just as beneficial?

Seniors who were able to plan out their day with a healthy routine found less stress, an increased feeling of security and improved sleep.