Send a Holiday Letter

Connect with a socially isolated senior this holiday season.
Send a Holiday Letter
The holiday season is all about connections – whether with friends, family or even co-workers. Try making a new connection with a lonely senior through our pen pal program.

Loneliness is a problem across all demographics but is especially problematic for our aging population. In fact, a recent AARP survey found that more than a third of adults aged 50-80 said they lacked companionship; with 27% of those saying they felt isolated.

That means that far too many seniors will spend this holiday season alone, or without the human connection they need and deserve. Fortunately, you can help change this statistic.

By becoming a pen pal with a senior, you not only form a meaningful connection that will make a difference, but you can also have a lot of fun!

Get started on your pen pal letter today! And let us know about it in the comments.