Renew Yourself

Family sits together in church pew

This is a challenging time and we know your spirit could use a boost. Renewing yourself requires more than Netflix and chocolate binges. True self-love reaches past the exhausted, worn out parts and whispers to your soul, “You’ve got this.”

Your care mission this week is to empower yourself to keep going so you can keep caring for others. Try these 12 tips to help renew yourself:

  1. Repeat this phrase: “Beautiful (your name), you can do hard things.”
  2. When your mind is heavy, lift your spirit in prayer.
  3. Write the hardest part of your day on a piece of paper. Read it. Learn from it. Move on.
  4. Breathe from the bottom of your belly, fill your lungs and slowly release. Repeat.
  5. Give yourself permission to fail, quit and say no.
  6. Let go of the toxic. If it does not challenge, fulfill, inspire or support you, do you need it?
  7. Find online yoga poses for relaxation before bed.
  8. Have a guru. It’s important to have someone in your life to emulate.
  9. Tune in to personal growth. Listen to podcasts that motivate or educate.
  10. Keep a vision board. Never lose sight of your life’s goals.
  11. Ask for help.
  12. Put today to bed. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

Was this helpful to you? How do you renew your spirit?