Lend a Helping Hand for the Holidays

Are you already exhausted from the holidays? This week, take a step back and rediscover the meaning of the season by helping an aging adult.
Man senior woman Hanukkah lights 1

By the time the calendar hits the new year, many of us are flat-out exhausted. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can take its toll on just about everyone. But it doesn’t have to – or at least shouldn’t have to.

Slow down a bit, breathe and focus on what makes the season so special: giving back to others. With so many seniors socially isolated or at great distances from their loved ones, it doesn’t take much to better their season. Here’s a few suggestions:

Write a holiday letter – A handwritten stationery or a pen pal letter is the perfect complement to the season of warmth and hope. It also requires you to carve out time to slow down and reflect.

Offer to run an errand – Go pick up that holiday turkey for your senior neighbor or offer to drive them to a service or mass if they don’t have a ride.

Ask them
– Maybe they need their snow brushed off the porch or their wreath adjusted. Why not ask to see what they need.