Leave a Senior a Note

Show how much you care through a few thoughtful words.

kathy and dad looking at mail 1

In an age of abbreviated text and direct messages, automated responses and emojis, anything created outside the digital norm is often thought of as archaic – or even slow. But the time it takes is exactly what makes letters and notes so special. An “old school” message is also something an older adult can hold on to, serving as a reminder that they are loved.

This week, write a note or letter to someone – either through personal delivery, mail, or our pen pal program – that will show them how much they matter to you.

Did you know…

The senior demographic is the most susceptible to social isolation and loneliness – creating a greater risk for both mental and health issues over time. The good news is that by reaching out, you can help curb this. A recent Ready to Care survey found that more than 80% of seniors felt that a greeting card or letter was meaningful and made them feel more connected.