Help with Yardwork

The Facts: According to an AARP study, 90 percent of people age 65 and over would prefer to stay in their own homes, or “age in place,” as they get older. For some seniors, especially those living alone, the maintenance can be overwhelming. Yardwork can pose unique challenges because it may require strength, endurance, or working when it’s hot outside. Lending a helping hand can go a long way to help some seniors keep up.
young woman rakes leaves for elderly woman

Grass is green. Flowers are blooming. And yardwork is waiting! Pitch in to help a senior keep up their curb appeal. Send over your kids to help pick up sticks. Or lend a hand yourself with planting, mulching, or mowing. If you live in a neighborhood with sidewalks, you can even be a secret helper. Homeowners are often responsible for maintaining the sidewalk that adjoins their property. If you’re out for a walk and notice weeds growing through the cracks, simply pick them!