Go Above and Beyond

Whether at work or with friends, go the extra mile for someone to show you care.
Man assists elderly woman reaching for grocery item on the top shelf

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. A “How are you today?” check in. Surprising a coworker with a cup of coffee. This week, try to go above and beyond to make the day brighter for someone else and show them that you care.

3 Easy Ways to Go Above and Beyond

  1. Go the extra mile at work. Whether it’s bringing in doughnuts for your coworkers or making a client feel extra special, find a way to spread kindness at work.
  2. Help a stranger. Sometimes we see people struggling to carry groceries to their car or a person looks like they need directions. Offer to help a stranger in public if you see they need an extra hand.
  3. Check in on someone. Maybe your daughter just had a baby and is adjusting to her new role or an aunt recently lost her spouse. Check in with a visit or call to see how they are doing and offer help.

Did you know...

Going above and beyond with acts of kindness is a great way to better the health of others. According to the Mayo Institute, kindness has been proven to make others feel more connected, less stressed and more confident -- in turn, curbing many ailments. On top of that, being kind to others makes you feel good. It's a win-win!