Give Encouragement to a Senior

According to a study from the UK, one in five seniors will have a conversation with no more than three people in a week.
elderly and young women embrace in a joyful hug

When we speak words of encouragement, it can make a world of difference in someone’s life. Seniors, more than any other group, suffer daily from isolation and loneliness. Many go days and some even weeks without hearing from another person.

No matter how busy we are, each of us can spare a few words of encouragement to a senior who really needs it.

Not sure what to say?

Try these simple prompts:

“I really admire you because ______”

“The way you handled ___ was really brave.”

“I really like the way you tell stories.”

“It’s always nice talking to you.”

“Your hair looks wonderful today!”

These are simple phrases, but they might just put a smile on a senior’s face that can last for days.