Give a Plant to a Senior

Brighten a day with some thoughtful flora!

It’s custom to send flowers and floral arrangements for special occasions or services, but have you ever thought to gift a house plant to someone as a random act of kindness?

House plants make great décor, purify the air, and create a sense of purpose for those who have little to no social interaction. A plant can also provide a nurturing role – especially to an older adult who now lives alone – without requiring any strenuous physical exertion.

Many plants are hardy, last forever (with a little TLC), and are inexpensive. Some, like the Aloe vera, can have healing qualities and other medical benefits.

But before you decide on a new plant to give a senior, you should consider these three things:

  1. Size – How big will the plant get and how big of a space will the person have to house it?
  2. Allergies – Is the recipient allergic to anything? And are the leaves toxic or harmful to touch?
  3. Ease of care – A house plant should be enjoyable, not an unnecessary stress.

Here are some plant suggestions to get you started!

Did you know…

Random acts of kindness, no matter the flavor, have been proven to not only generate happiness, but also increase life spans, boost energy, and decrease anxiety and stress. And the best part about kindness is that it’s a two-way street – benefiting both the giver and the receiver!