Game with a Senior

The Facts: “Brain games” promise to keep the mind sharp as we age. But can they decrease the long-term risk of cognitive decline? According to a University of Michigan study, it’s encouraging that they can make a difference, but results are inconclusive. Ken Langa, M.D., Ph.D. shares this: “My advice to my patients is to try to stay connected to people and activities that they like to do, because that will help keep their brains active and engaged." You heard the doctor: Game on!
Elderly women sit together playing card game

Put your noggin to use this week. Pick a puzzle or game and play with a senior. The social interaction may help combat loneliness, and it may even protect against cognitive decline. We love traditional games like checkers or cards, and you could also help a senior download a few new games on a mobile device. Dropping off a care package of crossword or Sudoku puzzles may be another welcome gesture.

Go out and get your game on and have some fun!