5 Reasons to Share a Smile

A smile can lift more than a face. Smiling can lift the spirit too. Share one with a senior!
Female caregiver smiling while standing outside with senior man

Your Care Mission:

Smiling is such a simple thing, but a genuine smile can be powerful. For seniors dealing with loneliness and isolation, a smile (even at a safe distance) can signal positive emotions of enjoyment, appreciation and friendliness. It might be just what he or she needs to brighten the day.

Smiles and the psychology of smiling have been studied ever since the Mona Lisa perplexed us with her slightly upturned lips. Psychologists have uncovered many wonderful benefits of this muscular reaction. Here are 5 reasons to share your smile:

  1. Smiling can relive stress – A smile erases stress from your face.
  2. Smiling elevates the mood – Smiling releases mood-boosting neurotransmitters.
  3. Smiling is contagious – When you see a smile, you are likely to mimic it yourself.
  4. Smiling helps you stay positive – A smile sends positive messages to your brain.
  5. Smiling is attractive – You look good when you smile!

Did sharing a smile boost your mood or lift someone else’s spirit?