Find 3 Ways to Be Kind

Do something special for a senior this week.
Find 3 Ways to Be Kind

They say that the best things come in threes. This week, find a trifecta of ways to be kind to a senior – or seniors – in your community.

There’s no shortage of random acts of kindness to help others. From holding the door for someone to giving up your seat on the bus, every small act counts – and makes a lasting difference. Kindness not only helps those we give it to; it’s also scientifically proven to benefit our own health.

This week, find three ways to be kind to seniors in your community. Here are a few of our favorite kind acts to get your started:

  1. Give a compliment – It’s one of the easiest things we can do to brighten someone’s day. And it feels so good!
  2. Write a kind note – No, not an email or text message – the old stationery kind. Make it a refrigerator-worthy one! Need some inspiration, check out our pen pals program!
  3. Offer assistance – Maybe a senior looks lost in a parking lot or is struggling to get through spring yard work. Ask them if they need help. Even if they don’t need or want it, they will appreciate the gesture.