Experience Hunger

Instead of a Care Mission, we're encouraging you to take a Care Challenge this week to better understand the impact hunger can have on seniors.
Senior man sits alone at kitchen table holding coffee cup

The Details:

Nearly 5 million senior citizens currently face hunger in our country, according to Feeding America. This may mean seniors are choosing between food and other necessities to live. 63% of the households with older adults (50+) that Feeding America serves find themselves facing an impossible choice – to buy groceries or medical care.

Care Challenge: Experience Hunger

To complete this challenge, delay just one meal past your regularly scheduled meal time until you begin to feel hungry.

Why? So you can have a better understanding for how it may feel to be a senior facing hunger on a regular basis. Many people face hunger, and according to Feeding America, the rate of hunger among seniors aged 60 and older has increased by 45% since 2001.

Upon prior consultation with your doctor or physician, take the care challenge and experience hunger by delaying a meal or skipping a snack and notice how it makes you feel. If your doctor or physician advises against this, do not attempt the challenge.

  1. Were you distracted when you felt hungry?

  2. How would you feel if you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from?

  3. How long did you delay your meal before you felt hungry?

  4. What would you give up so you could afford food?

Could you do it? Did it change the way you viewed senior hunger? What can you do to help prevent senior hunger?