Connect with a Conversation

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we're encouraging everyone in the month of February to complete this simple, kind act. Together, we can make a difference.

Connect with conversation and bring joy to aging adults.
Senior woman smiles while speaking with another woman
Politics. Religion. Favorite football team. Disagreeing with others is easy in today’s divided world, but there are still ways to unite with others despite your differences. These differences provide new perspectives and a broader world view.

And besides the expanded viewpoints, the newfound connection could play a major role in reducing social isolation and loneliness for someone -- an issue for nearly a quarter of all older adults

Here are three simple ways to connect with someone:

1. Be mindful and listen – It’s amazing how much easier it is to have a conversation with someone when you show interest in what is important to them.

2. Aim for small talk – You don’t need to get personal or deep to have a friendly chit-chat. Surface level conversations may create more trust and understanding for both sides.

3. Connect over coffee – A local brewhouse or the kitchen table make great spots to share a cup of joe and commonalities.