Connect with a Pet

This week, connect with a senior over your favorite pets (past or present) and drum up great memories of their loyal companionship.

pet senior

Household pets are often a part of our lives that never leave – even years after they pass. Maybe it’s Rocky -- the wailing hound. Or Ceci -- the fly-eating cat. Every person has a story or two about their favorite pet doing the most spectacular things – or at least spectacular in their owner’s eyes.

This week, introduce your furry friend – physically or through story -- to a senior and let them share their favorite moments with their favorite pet. You may need a few tissues, but we guarantee you’ll both be basking in the heart-felt and happy nostalgia.

Did you know…

Besides their unique personalities and loyalty that we all love, pets have been shown to bring numerous health benefits to their owners – particularly older adults. Not only do they provide companionship that helps curb loneliness and isolation, but they also provide exercise and a routine that keeps the body and mind sharp.

What was your favorite pet growing up or as an adult? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media @imreadytocare with a picture of your good boy or girl.