Compliment a Senior

A few kind words can make a positive impact on someone.
Senior woman smiles while speaking with another
Nothing feels better than buying a new outfit or changing your hairstyle and getting a compliment from a total stranger. In fact, studies have shown that being acknowledged has the same positive effect as receiving cash. For a senior who may not receive a lot of social interaction, this act of kindness may seem like winning the lottery.

Here are five compliments that may brighten a senior’s day:

  • “I admire you” – Let someone know you appreciate who they are and what they mean to you.
  • “Your smile is contagious” – You light up the room that you’re in.
  • "That color looks good on you” – Note a color scheme they like to wear.
  • “You do (blank) well” – Maybe they are a great cook or maintain a tidy house or yard. Let them know.
  • "I value the time spent with you” – Make it known that you think the world of their company.
What makes you feel good?