Check In with a Senior

As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, we want to come together as a community of care. Now more than ever, seniors are impacted by isolation and feelings of loneliness. But you can help.

Young family checks in with happy senior man through porch window

As the world takes measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we know that keeping our seniors safe is a top priority. But the distance can leave them isolated and feeling lonely. Some may even be confused or worried with all that is going on, especially if they cannot receive regular visitors. But social distancing does not have to mean disconnecting. Let’s stay connected from a safe distance.

This week your care mission is to check in with a senior by sending a text, making a call or writing. Simply ask, “How are you doing?” or maybe “How can I help you right now?”

Did you check in with a senior friend or loved one this week? Tell us about it.