Celebrate Important Days with a Senior

Make someone’s day of importance special by celebrating with them.


Though we may look at the calendar a bit differently than we did in our youth, certain dates are still important and should be recognized in adulthood and our later years. With many seniors faced with social isolation and loneliness, a short call or thoughtful card will show them you care and can make any special day – well – that much more special.

Need to track important dates to celebrate? Download our celebrations tracker here.

If you want to go a bit further, baking a cake or their favorite dessert is not a bad idea either. Small gifts are also fun, though most people who have limited interaction with others during the week will be more than happy with just being on your radar. Remember, every small act of kindness matters and can help better the lives of others.

Besides their birthday, here are few days of the year that could be great to remember and celebrate with a senior:

  1. Wedding anniversary
  2. Favorite holiday
  3. Pet birthday (or adoption day)
  4. The date you met or became friends
  5. A milestone (20 years post-retirement, etc.)