Ask Someone About Their Day

Whether it’s a phone call out of the blue from a loved one or a chat with our neighbor, connecting with others is rejuvenating. Take time today to connect with someone and ask about their day.
Young man smiling and talking with senior man
When we’re busy or stressed, it can be so comforting to hear from the people that we care about. Today, we encourage you to take time to ask someone about their day. Here are some ways you can safely connect with others and ask them how they’re doing:
1. Pick up the phone. Give your senior loved one a call or schedule a video chat to check in.
2. Find them on social. Send someone you you’ve been wanting to connect with a loving quote or funny image on Facebook or Instagram.
3. Go on a walk. You never know who you’ll run into at a park or trail. Just remember to wear your mask and give the other person plenty of space when striking up a conversation.
4. Write them a letter. Become a pen pal through Ready to Care and connect with seniors through letters.