5 Ways to Recognize a Senior


Flatter a new hairdo. Praise their efficiency with a smart phone. Drop a “you’re an amazing friend” in a conversation. There are so many ways to recognize a senior for what they’ve done and who they are.

And the best part about flattery and kindness is that it rarely gets old – or makes people less important!

Here are five of our top picks for showing someone they’re awesome:

  1. Ask for a favorite recipe or garden tip (and praise it)
  2. Drop a loving note in their mailbox or somewhere they frequent
  3. Tell them you admire their smile
  4. Compliment their favorite hobby (music, quilting, etc.)
  5. Call or stop by just to say hello
Did you know...
Kindness has the ability to change the world. Simple acts presented to a senior can not only make them feel better about themselves, but can actually improve their health -- reducing blood pressure, stress and helping strengthen brain function.