Woman bringing senior flowers acts of kindness

Acts of Kindness

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Explore Ready to Care’s acts of kindness encouraging you to spread joy to aging adults in your community.

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Community Stories

I deliver meals every Monday in Staten Island, NY. One of the seniors on my route was turning 95. I brought him balloons, a little strawberry shortcake and a special 95 years young card. His face lit up with so much gratitude and happiness that it made my heart melt. In today’s world, it’s the little things that mean a lot.

- Barbara | Say Hi to a Senior

Overjoyed senior woman holding hanging pot of flowers in doorway

I took three seniors out to dinner. Our waitress was a senior also and we expressed our appreciation for doing such a good job! On our way out we saw a picture of her, she had worked there for over 60 years! We got a picture with her.

- Shelley | Say Hi to a Senior

Woman talking around table at restaurant

I noticed a senior sitting down eating by himself. So I decided to grab a bite to eat and join him. He was so ecstatic! We developed a great relationship.

- Stephen | Say Hi to a Senior

elderly gentleman smiling